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2017 Up Date

Recently I qualified as an equine behaviourist – at the moment I do not consult as I need to learn more. However I did set up a website – first a Joomla one but I haven’t done any customisation and it looks a bit boring. So I decided to use MacMate and a static html site using their website builder.

Positively Equine

My photography site is now on Zenfolio as Photobox stopped doing the Pro Galleries.



Burstow Park Equestrian Centre

I have handed over the site to another person who is hosting it on his own servers. Therefore any links still on here will go to the new WordPress site.

The Equine Partners site is currently being renewed by a friend and will be live shortly, I am not doing any more sites now just keeping my own updated. I can of course offer advice on web design and hosting if you require help.

It has been fun to do but now we – as a family – have 5 horses to look after spare time is sparse and I wish to concentrate on my photography. I can supply images for web sites if needed – either taking new ones or using stock images.

Other options

There are many other options for websites, Joomla and self hosted WordPress are just 2.

A JAlbum gallery can be added or I can make a standalone gallery site.
Examples:- WildlifeEquine

I will use MacMate galleries for client photos as they are easily password protected.


MacMate purports to be a solution for hosting MoblieMe content now Apple is about to switch it off at the end of June. I have signed up for an account whilst it is still in Beta form i.e not quite finished yet. Galleries are being added but it already has the ability to password protect folders and websites. This function will be extremely useful for my photography as some images are too big to add to my Dropbox for people to download.

Both MacMate and Dropbox will be excellent storage solutions for my photos, along with Photobox for the printing.

I will write more as I use and evaluate the service, support seems to be very good. Just waiting now for my gmlimages domain name to transfer.

Pruning web hosting.

As I have decided to concentrate more on my photography and am giving up the riding club committee and webmaster role at the end of 2012 it is time to prune the hosting.
I put the Burstow site on Cloud Next as they have separate cpanel for each domain – so making it easier to organise.

Also a new service from MacMate is supposed to be a replacement for Mobile Me – the Mac cloud service which comes to an end very soon. I signed up to test it and added my GML Images site to it, at the moment I haven’t altered the nameservers so this site is still on CloudNext as well. This also include 10GB of storage to may be useful, they intend to added galleries so watch this space to see how it all works out.

123-reg is still the place to use for domains but I will probably move the hosting to CloudNext. It gets expensive to have them all in different places.

This site is on the free app as is the GML Images blog and I will keep it that way for now.

The Horley site will either use Blogger or I will make a Joomla site, depends who takes over next year.


A while ago I played with Joomla but couldn’t get to grips with it. However I have a commission to update the local community radio station website. They want more functionality than WordPress seems capable of, so I have watched some videos and done a course with Learnable – I was luck enough to be picked via Twitter for a 3 months free account.

Joomla seems to make more sense now I have broken it down and got a new grid based template via
Cloud Access

Needs more work and another consultaion with the radio station people – seems to be endless iteration meetings recently.

Will post a link once completed – station goes live in July so should be time to finish!

Will do a WordPress course too after the php and MySQL one!


I have a Blogger site for my riding club – as well as a WordPress one. Must choose which one to keep. As the blogger site no longer lets me edit templates I may be forced to use the WordPress one.

Blogger screen shot

Blogger interface

The interface for the template design is blank.
If anyone has any ideas please leave a message, these are moderated as all I keep getting is spam. Constructive comments will be listed but will not show up straight away.

Well it seems my virus checker is doing too good a job, once turned off I can edit the templates. So it is turned off for the required amount of time then turned back on.

Too much spam

As I have been getting too much spam and really want this site as a normal website rather than a blog I have disabled comments. If you want to get in touch with a real query or useful comment please use my comment form. Many comments have been nonsense and/or from people with dubious web addresses.

Can’t help some people

I set up a WordPress site for a charity but as they never sent me any content I couldn’t up date it very often. Now they have asked someone else to set up a website. Will wait and see how it goes as they say they are too busy to let me have content, I hope the new people have better luck. Sorry rant over it just upset me that I had offered to do a website but can’t afford to pay hosting etc as a retired person. Hence the WordPress blog site.

Rebuilt site

After Burstow Park Equestrian Centre’s site was hacked it has been taken down and i have rebuilt it. All should be Ok now. Just need some more new content to up date for 2012.